(Brush The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky)

(Born 1995)
English singer/songwriter.

You can listen for yourself here - soundcloud.com/jacoballenmusic

- profile photo by Nicolette Clara Iles -

thanks to all the felines that came down to boogie at The Workshop last night
Last night
After much lip-biting and secret-suppressing, I can now reveal the beautiful artwork created for me by dear friend @nicoletteclara, featuring the stunning @maxineanastasia.
It’s my pleasure to announce that this Friday I will be independently releasing the ‘Only Trying To Tell You’ demo as a single on Spotify, and available for download on sites such as iTunes, Amazon and Deezer.
We’ll be playing this tune on Friday at the free entry gig, The Workshop, Old Street, so come down fo’ a boogie!
Love, J & friends xx
Ooh grainy.
Before my set, pre-show drinks.
@gabeaal @kendallleighramsay 
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drinks at Gabriel’s.
@kendallleighramsay @pix_music
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Oh Audrey…
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